BEE Pillow Tips

When I created my first BEE pillow my first concern was how do I get my kids to use their pillow when they are on their device? I knew if I created their pillow with a fun design (like their favorite baseball team), they would be more apt to use it. We also keep two at home and two in the car so we always have BEE pillows handy. I keep my BEE pillow on my night stand as I typically use my phone before bed. My boys are very good about remembering to use their pillows as they are aware of the health concerns, too.  

A few weeks ago I was at my friend Inga’s house and she shared her tip on making sure she remembered to use her BEE pillow. She opens up the back pouch and slips the device in and covers it shut. She even keeps her accessories (ear buds and power cord) in there as well. I love the idea of a one stop shop. Do you have any tips on how you remember to use your BEE pillow? 

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