EMF Protection at the Table too!

When I’m checking orders or printing packing slips on Bumblebee Threadzzz.com I like sitting at the dining room table. Electromagnetic frequencies can go right through tables (and walls- think WiFi) so even if I don’t have a device on my lap, I still place my BEE pillow under the device on the table for EMF protection.  The BEE pillow shields EMFs from radiating into you lap. It also looks super stylish too! Like this print? You can snag it here

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  • Hi Tiffanie, I am a friend of Lorraine Reilly, we worked together at Good Sam. I would love to order a Bee pillow for my 15 inch laptop. I tried to connect thru your site, but I must be doing it incorrectly. Would you let me know the price if a 15"? I like the black white and gold. Would you accept a check from me? Thanks

    • Ann Corrigan