EMF Protection Pillows Care Instructions

Last week Gareth got a bloody nose in the car. It was a mess. I realized I had nothing to give him to put on his nose. We used the last baby wipe I had in my car the day before and there were no fast food napkins in the glove compartment. BUT there was a BEE pillow!! Electromagnetic Frequencies tend to be higher in vehicles so we always have one in the back seat in case the boys decide to use their allotted device time in the car.

 I really didn’t want to give him my hand sewn pillow that I worked so hard on, but there wasn’t much of a choice. Turns out BEE pillows  are not only great for EMF protection but they are extra absorbent and make for a wonderful bloody nose napkin. 😂

 When I got home I threw the cover into the washing machine and let it dry flat. I went over it with an iron and it was good as new. I have tried to make sure everyone who has purchased one knows how to wash and dry them.  Here is a friendly reminder on care instructions:


 You can put the cover in the washing machine but I suggest spot washing the actual pillow. You can iron both the case and the pillow.

 Do NOT put the cover (in case it shrinks) or the actual pillow (the EMF shielding fabric has metal in it) in the dryer.

 You can always purchase a new case if you need to here!  




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