EMFs and Pregnant Women

I remember being pregnant 10 years ago and leaning my BlackBerry (my first smartphone) on my belly. I also remember thinking I had a mini-computer in my hand and it probably wasn’t great that my growing baby had radiation blasting into him. Back then, there was very little research on this because smart phones were so new- let alone electromagnetic frequency protection.  The research is trickling out and it’s not great. Here are three recent research articles on the effects of EMF exposure and pregnant mothers.


High EMF exposure triples miscarriage rates:




High EMF exposure and risk of speech problems:




High EMF exposure and birth weight:




BEE pillows shield your belly while you are on devices or sitting in your house with Wi-Fi on (equally as concerning).  This provides EMF protection for your little one! 




I can glady make custom sizes for full belly coverage. 🤰🏻

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