Goshen Farmer’s Market


It was such a treat to sell BEE pillows at the Goshen Farmer’s Market. I visit the market every Friday and always think the vendors are so cool for having a niche and sharing it with the community. I mostly sell online and I certainly miss the human interaction piece.


There were so many people that came to my table and asked, “What’s an EMF?” The educator in me went into full teacher mode (minus the chalk board and pointer) and throughly enjoyed educating customers on emf shielding. It was also really great when people came to my tent with so much information on electromagnetic frequencies and were so excited to see a local small business taking emf protection head on. I loved having friends stop by, past customers that love their pillows, and my dear friend Nicole who came with water, snacks, and watched my table so I could run to the bathroom.


My last customer was a sweet college girl who read an article on EMFs that morning and was thrilled to see these pillows. She said she constantly thinks about EMFs when she puts her laptop on her lap. She bought that pretty grey and flowered print I featured a few weeks ago and I was so happy she loved it as much as I did. Watching her leave feeling like she had checked off a worry on her list, made my whole day worthwhile.


The Goshen Farmer’s Market Chamber of Commerce was so kind and helpful and all of the other vendors were so welcoming. I had the best little helpers (C & G) who helped me set-up, break down, and show their genuine excitement for our business. Goshen is such a wonderful place to live, raise children, and have a small business. I was invited back to the Farmer’s Market next year, and I’ll definitely be there!


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