Our Story

In 2017 I began researching the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies emitting from popular electronic devices. My boys love to play on their devices so I wanted a solution. I designed a pillow with special EMF shielding fabric to protect against EMFs while you are on a device. I taught myself to sew on YouTube and began selling BEE pillows online and at local Farmer’s Markets. 

As my business began to grow so did my ideas! Our family has always been eco-conscious and we have made small steps in my home to create a more sustainable lifestyle. I ventured into creating products to share with others to slowly replace consumable items in our homes.

In 2021, I asked my mom to join Bumblebee Threadzzz to keep up with the demand and that has been so fun!  We love creating healthy and eco-friendly environments for all of you, and look forward to expanding even more!